So you’ve always fancied joining Leominster Morris…?

So you want to take up something that keeps you active, meet new people, go to new places, show off in a fancy costume, keeps you in touch with your local community and history, and plenty of excuses to go to the pub with your mates?


Well you’re in the right place. Why not take up morris with Leominster Morris?


Forget the “with bells on” jokes and come along to one of our practices in Leominster on a Wednesday night where we’ll teach you the basics and buy you a pint (other drinks are available).  It’s not an easy skill to learn though and takes some dedication and a sense of rhythm but is a really rewarding pastime.

In the past year we’ve danced in Herefordshire at events such as Shobdon Food & Flying Festival, The Big Apple Festival, Ross May Fayre, Tenbury Applefest, Leominster Victorian Market and also further afield in Shrewsbury, Oxfordshire and Highgate, London. We’ve danced with the other local morris sides and also top sides from around the land – Chipping Campden Morris Men, Kirtlington Morris and Pecsaetan Morris so we get about a bit.  The highlights of the year though are our traditional Boxing Day performance and our Twelfth Night Wassail which are both great spectacles to be involved in.

The dances that we perform are a mixture of traditional dances handed down from morris teams of centuries ago and some that were drunkenly made up by ourselves.  Most are rooted in Herefordshire but we also perform dances taken from neighbouring counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire & Oxfordshire.  Plus one from Sussex….We also perform a traditional Herefordshire “Mummers” Play at Christmas. Some have said that we’re very good at what we do…usually once they’ve been plied with the local nectar for several hours.

The dancing would be nothing without the musicians though so if you can hold a tune and like what we do, we’d love to hear from you.  Probably not if your only instrument is church organ though, not very practical…


There’s both men & women in our band, it’s only the dancing which is male-only.  That’s how Leominster Morris has always been since the start and how it will remain.  There are other sides in the area which are women-only or mixed-gender.  Bit like tennis.


Just drop us an email to or tweet us @theleomorris – we don’t bite – and we can arrange for you to come along.

For a more erudite article on why to take up morris see:

We also eat takeaway:



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